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3rd 190^ 







3rd 190U 


Diocese of JMortb Carolina 

3rd Annual Convocation 


Colored Clergv and Congregations 

St. Michael and HU Hngels Church 


September 6 and 7, 1904. 

The third annual Convocation of the Colored Congregations 
of the Dioceseof North Carolina assembled iii the church of 
St. Michael and All Angels, Charlotte, N. C, Sept. 6th, 1904. 

Divine service began about 11 o'clock, with singing hymn 
491 as a processional. Rev. J. E.King began the morning pray- 
er, and Bishop Cheshire read the Scripture lessons. 

There were five visiting clergy of the Convocation of Char 
lotte present. 

The Creed and following prayers were taken by Rev. J. W. 
Perry. The Bishop read a report of his work in the Convoca- 
tion during the past year and touched upon the subject of a 
special Organization for the Colored work. The Bishop, as- 
sisted by Archdeacon Pollard, celebrated the Holy Communion. 

After the service the business meeting was ca kd to older 
by the Bishop. 

By resolution Chas. H. Boyer was elected secretary of the 

The roll was then called. 

The following churches and missions were represented. 

Rt. Rev. Joseph Blount Cheshire, D. D. 
Rev. J. H. M. Pollard, Archdeacon. 


Charlotte, Rev. P. P. Alston. A. Myron Cochran. 

Louis P. Perry. 

Geo. C. Pollard 




Rev. Chas. H. Male. 
Rev. J. E. King. 
Rev. J. E. King. 
Rev. A. B. Hunter. 
Rev. H. B. Del any. 

Rev. T. B. Bailey. 
Rev. J. W. Perry. 

Wiley J. Latham. 
Chas. H. Boyer. 

S. M. Peace. 

The report of the Treasurer, the Rev. A. B. Hunter, was 
then read, as follows; 

Report of the Treasurer 

of the 

Colored Convocation. 

Diocese of North Carolina 

Offerings at Convocation services, 1903 

Bishop Cheshire (Total, $65 24) 

Charlotte, St. Michael's 

Littleton, St. Anna's 

Louisburg, St. Matthias' 

Noise, St. Philip's 


Pittsboro, vSt. James 

Raleigh, St. Ambrose 

Raleigh, St. Augustine's 

Satterwhite, St. Simeon's 

Statesville, Holy Cross 

Tarboro, St. Luke's 

Warrenton, All Saints 

Wilson, St. Mark's 

Travelling Expenses of Delegates, 1903 
Salary of Rev. C. H. Male, 1 year 
Salary of Rev. J. E. King 
Printing of Annual Report 
Postage on Annual Report 


48 J 


8 1' 



















238 44 

36 80 

150 00 

12 50 

10 00 

1 26 

210 56 
Balance in Citizens National Bank, Raleigh 27 88 
Sept. 1, 1904 Respectfully submitted, 

A. B. Hunter, Treasurer. 

It was then moved that a Finance Committee be appointed. 
The Bishop appointed the following: Rev. P. P. Alston, Wi- 
ley J. Latham and Geo. C. Pollard. 


The Archdeacon presented a constitution for the Convo- 
cation. It was adopted. It is as follows: 



This body shall be known as the Convocation of the 
Archdeaconry for work among Colored People in the Diocese 
of North Carolina, and shall conform to the doctrine, discipline 
and worship of the Protestant Episcopal Church. 


The Convocation shall consist of all clergymen and lay- 
readers engaged in this work, together with one delegate 
from each Church or Mission. 

Five clergymen and five delegates shall constitute a quo- 


The officers shall be as follows: The Bishop of the Dio- 
cese, ex officio, president; The Archdeacon, vice-president 
a secretary and a treasurer. 


The object of the Convocation shall be to advance the cause of 
this work by conference and discussion of questions connected 
with this special field and by any other means to deepen the 
spirit of missions generally and further, when called by 
the Archdeacon may unite in any special missionary effort. 

There shall be an annual meeting at such time and place 
as may be appointed by the Convocation, or by the Bishop. 
Special meetings may be called by the Bishop of the Diocese, 
the Archdeacon or by special resolution of the Convocation. 

It was moved and carried that a recess be taken until 4 P. M. 

It was move! and carried that a committee on the State of 

the Church, consisting of three clergymen and two laymen be 



The Bishop appointed the following: 

Rev. H. B. Delany 
Rev. J. W. Perry 
Rev. T B. Bailey 
Chas. H. Boyer 
Louis Perry 

The afternoon session was called to order by the Bishop at 
4: 3S o'clock. Reports of the various missions were then called 
for. Archdeacon Pollard reported for Littleton. He had bap- 
tized four children and had the promise of eight or ten more 
i 1 Oetober. There are 73 children in the day school and 73 
in the Sunday School. Though the work is not properly 
organized., it is in as prosperous condition as it can be with- 
out a clergyman. 

He reported All Saints Mission, Warrenton, as not in a pros- 
perous condition. The dav school is good, the Sunday School 
good, but contributions poor. Better work is anticipated for 
the coming year. 

St. Luke's, Warren Co., is growing enthusiatic and really 
deserves consideration. There is great hope of good work. 

The work in Wilson has been very unfavorable. The mis- 
sion is now without a minister. 

Ac Noise, the outlook is O) y a clergyman r 'or 

a niie/e.i evild bi fo 1 il wo vvjulig) there and jlive 
a 10 lg the people. There are 12 eonrnunicants who are 
standing finn against the invitations to join the denomi- 
national churches, anxiously waiting to see what the 
Church is going to do. 

Mr. Male of Oxford not being present, the Archdeacon spoke 
of the work there. Mr. Male undertook the work Feb. 1, 1902 
and up until the present time the mission has paid all its 
running expenses. The work at Satterwhite is good also. 
Thirty-one children were baptized last year. They are try- 
ing to build up. 


Mr. Geo. Pollard spoke of his work in Louisburg. It shows 
a healthy growth. The school is better th ■ "er before, 
126 b^iiu enrolled. The financial condition of the church is 
good, the people keeping well their pledges. The school is 

Rev. J. E. King reported for Ptitsboro. He said the work is 
growing. The schoal is constanly growing in attendance and 
efficiency. The people are becoming interested more in the 
Church. Tiey are living up to their pledges well, and the 
work is beginning to have its influence 011 the homes and lives 
of the reople. 

Mr. King spoke concerning his Church in Raleigh, St. Am- 
brose, Saying that the work is very encouraging. He spoke 
of the kindergarten in particu r ar and also the parochial school, 
and asked that the Convocation give or devise some means of 
obtaining more financial support for the Church. Mr Wiley 
Latham, Senior Warden, also spoke. He said that there are 
a good many active members in the congregation. The Sun- 
day School is doing good work. He gave his plan for raising 
the expenses of the church, which had proven very successful. 

R3v\ A. B. H nter reported for St. Augustine's Chapel, 
that an effort is ni3de to reach the people of the neighborhood. 
To this end there are gymnastic and cooking and sewing 
classes for the girls of the neighborhood. A great many at" 
tend the Chapel service, and about 150 children attend the 
Sunday School. Mothers' Meetings and monthly conferences 
are held for the parents. St. Agnes Hospital also does a great 
deal for the sick of the neighborhood. Mr. Boyer explained 
the envelope system as used for systematic giving and also gave 
a brief account of the Junior Auxiliary. 

Rev. T. B. Bailey spoke of his work in Statesville, particu- 
larly of his school work. Three schools hem him in and 
interfere with his work, nevertheless he registered 83 pupils 
last year . The conditions of his mission however are deplor- 
able and he is struggling against fearful odds. 

The morning session of the Convocation was opened with 
the service of Morning Prayer and the Litany, participated in 

by Archdeacon Pollard, Rev. A. B. Hunter and Rev. P. P. 
Alston; after which the business session was opened, Bishop 
Cheshire presiding. The minutes of the previous session 
w r ere adopted after necessary corrections. 
Mr. Alston in reporting the work of St. Michael and All Angels 
said that there was a great deal of uneasiness because of so 
many of the congregation moving away. The Sunday School 
is not so large as in former years. The parish school is doing 
excellent work but could do a great deal more if sufficient 
funds were available. 

Rev, J. W. Perry spoke of the work of St. Luke's, Tarboro. 
He told of his system of pledges. He has enrolled 140 pupils and 
has four teachers and doing well. The school meets all its 
current expenses. The work is substantial ; has had very 
few withdrawals and has now 80 communicants. 

Mr. Peace of Satterwhite gave a brief account of his work. 
He has Sunday School of 20 scholars. Services are conducted 
once a month by Rev. Chas. H. Male of Oxford. 

The report of the Committee on the State of the Church 
was called for and read by the Secretary, as follows: 

Your Committee on the State of the Church begs leave to 
offer the following report. 

We find from the reports of the various parishes and 
missions composing the Convocation, that there are indications 
of progress on the one hand and retrogression on the other. 
The reports of older and established parishes and missions are 
very gratifying, while others show signs of weakness. While 
the work in general has been growing, still the growth has 
not been as healthy and vigorous as we would wish, and 
therefore calls for more aggressive work on the part of the 
clergy and laity of the Convocation. To meet these conditions 
we would therefore recommend the following. 

1. That this Convocation put forth every effort to instruct 
the people as to the necessity of self-reliance and to teach 
them the duty |of systematical giving. We recommend the 
methods adopted by St. Ambrose and St. Augustine's con- 

2. That there be special organizations of the Woman's 
Auxiliary and the Juuior Auxiliary throughout the diocese to 
work in connection with this Convocation. 

3. That the organization of parochial and mission schools 
be encouraged and that we strengthen and better equip those 
already established. 

4. That this Convocation do all it possiblv can to make St. 
Augustine's School more widely known among the people; and 
that the various schools so shape their courses as to become 
permanent feeders of this Institution. 

5. That we heartily endorse any form of earnest Christian 
discussion leading ultimately to a separate Oiganization that 
will bring the.pcwer and teachings of the Church more effect- 
ively to the colored people. 

Rev. H. B. Delany, Chairman. 
Rev. J. W. Perry 
Rev. T. B. Bailey 
Louis Perry 

Chas. H. Boyer, Secretary 
Resolved that, at least three of the subjects lecommended 
by the Committee be discussed during the morning session of 
the Convocation, the others during the afternoon session. 

The Financial Committee reported through Mr. Alston, the 
Chairman, that they had audited the Treasurer's report and 
and found it correct. 

Rev. A. B. Hunter was reelected Treasurer for the ensuing 

It was moved and carried that an Executive Committee of 
five, consisting of three clergymen and two laymen be ap- 
pointed for the Convocation. The Bishop appointed Arch- 
deacon Pollard, Rev. J. E. King, Rev. A. B. Hunter, 
Messrs Thomas Williams and J. S. Leary. It was vot- 
ed that the Convocation renew the pledge of $150 for the 
work at Oxford for this year. 

It was voted to pledge $ 150 for the w r ork at Noise. On 
motion the 1st, 3rd, and 4th recommendations of the Commit- 
tee on the state of the Church were adopted. The 2nd. was 
deferred as a special order of the day to come up at 4:30 in 

the afternoon session. 

The 5th recommendation was thoroughly discussed, the 
Archdeacon presiding. No definite action was taken. 

The afternoon session began at 4: 10 o'clock. The special 
order was the report of the Finance Committee on the sched- 
ule of apportionments submitted by the Bishop. 

It was moved and carried that the assessment resolution of 
Archdeacon Pollard be adopted, as follows: — 

Resolveo that this Convocation levy an assessment of one 
dollar per Annum upon every communicant of the Church and 
missions, twenty-one years of age and minors fifty cents; said 
assessment to be paid on or before the first day of March in 
each and every year. Other persons may also contribute to 
this assessment. 

The 5th recommendation of the Committee on the State of 
the Church was laid on the table. 

It was voted that the next meeting be held in I/misburg, 
the time being left to the discretion of the Bishop and Arch- 

It was moved and carried that 300 copies of the minutes 
be printed. 

On motion the minutes of the meetiug were adopted. 

The business session then adjourned sine die. In the even- 
ing, services were held in the Church, a very helpful sermon 
being preached by the Rev. T. B. Bailey. A resolution of 
thanks was read by the Rev. Mr King in behalf of the Con- 
vocation, to the Rector and members of St, Michael and All 
Angels Church for their kind hospitality . Farting addresses 
were made by the Rector, Rev. P. P. Alston, Archdeacon 
Obornes and Archdeacon Pollard.